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TL;DR: The Silent Assassin series is a Dark Space Opera novel series set in the 28th Century, when humanity spread its colonies across the Milky Way. The story is told from the point of view of a young mercenary named Audi Prabian, who is on a quest to search and defeat his long lost mentor, a legend known only by his nom de guerre: The Silent Assassin.

You can preview and purchase the books here:…

Book 03 Release by the-silentassassinAP The Silent Assassin: Book 04 Reviews by the-silentassassinAP 
Reviews are out for Book 05: WHEN SEA BURNS! by the-silentassassinAP 

The Premise

World Design: The Crowned Confederacy of Mankind by the-silentassassinAP The Royal Family Aboard Terran Orbital Station by the-silentassassinAP

The Crowned Confederacy of Mankind
was formed in the aftermath of The Great Conflict in 21st Century (colloquially referred to as World War Three). Starting off as a Federation of republics, a Monarchist movement rose and installed Raditya Tanuya as The First Monarch of Humanity. Since then, his dynasty ruled over mankind contiguously without any succession crisis. Humanity thrives, repopulating Terra as their homeworld, and began expanding to extraterrestrial world - and soon extrasolar planets after the discovery of Laplace Dimension and their use to travel great distances. 

Though, nobody knows why the coordinates they can travel to are confined within our Milky Way.

At the final years of the 27th century, an economic catastrophe struck The Crowned Confederacy. Economists coined the term The Galactic Economic Crisis for it. The result was complete shutdown of colonial economies across the galaxy. Poverty ran rampant, and unemployment soared. Many turned themselves into organized crime, particularly becoming hired assassins and mercenaries.

One of the strongest mercenaries to ever live called himself The Silent Assassin.

After a mercenary killed The Monarch, his eldest son and successor, Giovanni Edmond Tanuya, declared a war of annihilation against mercenaries. He created the deadliest task force comprising The Military Sector's spec-ops unit, The Red Berets, and The Civilian Sector's most elite Police Unit: The Blue Detachment. After series of brutalities committed by all sides, mercenary business finally waned.

But they failed to locate The Silent Assassin.

The series begin right afterwards (Book 01). The Silent Assassin rescued a young boy amidst a planetary bombardment, and trained him to become his First Apprentice. His name is Audi Prabian, and he is the series' main protagonists.


The Theme

Teachings of The Silent Assassin by the-silentassassinAP The Crown Prince's ascendancy speech by the-silentassassinAP A Dark Space Opera Novel Series by the-silentassassinAP War is coming in The Silent Assassin Book 04 by the-silentassassinAP The Importance of Tragedy by the-silentassassinAP Denis Interrogates by the-silentassassinAP The Philosophies of Audi Prabian by the-silentassassinAP When a good man endures too much pain by the-silentassassinAP

Battles! Spaceships! War! Fighting robots!

While the things listed above certainly form an integral components of the story, The Silent Assassin essentially tells a coming-of-age story. With a planned 25 volumes to be written over the next decade or so, it will cover the journeys of the main characters from their young adulthood in Book 01, until they reach maturity in Book 25. 

It is a Dark Space Opera, a drama encompassing a stage as wide as our Milky Way Galaxy, with a gallery of casts sailing through a harsh and cruel world at the brink of its boiling point. They will be tested to their limits, be it physical, mental, or philosophical. Thought-provoking and morally vague decisions will be presented, and the choices they make will guarantee readers a lean back on their chairs and bed, presenting themselves with questions and thoughts taken from the scenes they've just read.

My job as an author/creator is to provide the characters with a universe to live in, and the worst scenarios of adversities to survive through. The characters' job, therefore, is to respond, grow and learn, or die within those adversities.

We've seen many tales teaching one not to lose hope, but, what must one do when all hopes are truly lost?


Where can I preview and buy the book series?

You can head to… to preview and purchase the books.

Yes you can preview it to see if you want to read the rest of the story. Just click on the cover of each book's profile page, and you can have a read of the first thirty pages or so. A pretty good deal, aye?

Please support me! Other than providing me a moral support, it will allow me to write a much better and refined books in the future!

Thanks for taking your time to read this journal. Have a good day, and I hope you enjoy the series and my gallery!

Main Heroines of The Silent Assassin Series by the-silentassassinAP

More or less, I've completed the main casts design from my dark space opera novel, The Silent Assassin. Click on the pictures below to check it out! I'll be updating this journal when I add the final few characters from the Royal Family storyline.

Also preview the prologue of Book 01 here :Book One Prologue. If you're interested, you can buy it in Amazon for only $2.99:…!


TSA Main Heroine - Jane Drake by the-silentassassinAP TSA Main Heroine - Nagisawa Chizuru by the-silentassassinAP TSA Main Heroine - Bobbi Braun by the-silentassassinAP
TSA Main Heroine - Charlotte Payne by the-silentassassinAP TSA Main Hero - Audi Prabian (no specs) by the-silentassassinAP TSA Main Hero - Horlix A.T. Leonard (no specs) by the-silentassassinAP
TSA Main Hero - Denis K. Lavrov (no specs) by the-silentassassinAP TSA Main Hero - Jonathan Mills (no specs) by the-silentassassinAP

Normal vs. Battle-Mode - Audi Prabian by the-silentassassinAP  Normal vs. Battle-Mode - Nagisawa Chizuru by the-silentassassinAP  Normal vs. Battle-Mode - Jane Drake by the-silentassassinAP 
Normal vs. Battle-Mode - Jonathan Mills by the-silentassassinAP  Normal vs. Battle-mode - Charlotte Payne by the-silentassassinAP  Normal vs. Battle-Mode: Denis K. Lavrov by the-silentassassinAP 
Normal vs. Battle-Mode - Bobbi Braun by the-silentassassinAP  Crown Prince Horlix Aurellus Leonard Tanuya by the-silentassassinAP

or, how much have changed since I've started this project in 2009.

Audi Prabian - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Nagisawa Chizuru - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Jane Drake - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Jonathan Mills - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Charlotte Payne - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Denis Khristoforovich Lavrov - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Bobbi Braun - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Horlix Aurellus Leonard Tanuya - Design Evolution by the-silentassassinAP

Some new characters for future arc:

(The Red Berets)
OC - The Red Berets (1/4) by the-silentassassinAP  OC - The Red Berets (2/4) by the-silentassassinAP  OC - The Red Berets (3/4) by the-silentassassinAP  OC - The Red Berets (4/4) by the-silentassassinAP

(The Fleets of Apocalypse)
The Fleet of Apocalypse - Fleet Voina (1/4) by the-silentassassinAP  The Fleet of Apocalypse - Fleet Mor (2/4) by the-silentassassinAP  The Fleet of Apocalypse - Fleet Golod (3/4) by the-silentassassinAP  The Fleet of Apocalypse - Fleet Smerti (4/4) by the-silentassassinAP

See the full blog post on her website at: Doodles, Doodles Everywhere.


1. How did you decide to write The Silent Assassin series?

It began as a random story I slapped in the middle of my sophomore year. As I discovered its potential as a proper story, I decided to develop, re-write, and enrich it. After my heightened interests in the field of psychology and philosophy, The Silent Assassin became a ground for my philosophical thought experiment on morality, kindness, and good and evil. Its lab rat? The characters of course.

2. Can you give our readers an idea about what they should expect in book one and the series as a whole?

The Silent Assassin is a space opera/adventure taking place in the 28th Century, where humanity and its space colonies are united under the banner of The Crowned Confederacy. Told from two point of views, the protagonist is a young mercenary named Audi Prabian, and the deuteragonist is the Crown Prince named Horlix Aurellus Leonard-Tanuya. They will be thrown into a hell of battles and despair as they investigate two separate assassination cases and their respective culprits. Are they connected? You’ll have to read the book.

This series has all the exciting parts of science-fiction: battles, planets, spaceships, and weapons. However, these are not the focus. The Silent Assassin at its core explores what it means to be human and dissects the nature of morality. Intrigues. Cunning. Unlike many sci-fi/fantasy/thriller which executes Machiavellianism only in the political level, The Silent Assassin will bring them into the civilian theatre. Our theatre. Between friends. Lovers. Families.

3. Can you tell us what kind of research went behind book one, And A Bullet Screamed Through The Sky?

As a science-fiction series, the creation of its universe warrants extensive research into…well…the sciences. Some of the topics I read include Astronomy, Quantum Science, and Military Engineering.

But natural science and its application is not all. I’ve researched much into economics, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and political science. My biggest influences, in fact, are Friedrich Nietzsche and Niccoló Machiavelli. Their works transformed my story from a happy story about justice and kindness that always prevails into the dark epic it is now.

4. How did you celebrate the first sale of your book?

My first sale happened one month after publication. It was a bliss! That day I decided to walk to Kinokuniya Book Store and bought Tom Clancy’s The Bear and The Dragon.

5. Tell us about some of the biggest challenges or learning experiences you faced throughout the writing and publishing process.

I didn’t know the craft of writing when I started The Silent Assassin. It was horrible: sentence structure, formatting, and many other vital aspects. But what’s more shocking was the art of story-writing. I’ve been growing up thinking a good story needs to simulate real life. But no. Every problem that we might have in real life, we have to escalate it tenfold in order to make a good story. And that is the minimum requirement.

Post-publishing stage was daunting. I have to scan through hundreds of reviewers to email, needing to know how and what to say in the review request. Competing with writers that are graduates from literature degree? I know I’m relying on a lot of luck. Some reviewers replied saying my writing isn’t good enough. How shocking is that? I was mad at myself for not being good enough, but I need to focus on improvement not sulking, I told myself.

6. What/Where is your favorite place to think or write down your ideas?

Everywhere! I made a playlist in my iPod consisting of music. Most of them soundtracks from movies, games, and anime (of the epic variety). Whenever I commute, whenever I’m waiting for something/someone, whenever I’m working out in the gym, I’ve always listened to them while choreographing the scenes, the conversations, the body languages of the characters in my book. There’s a delicate art and craft to effective and efficient execution of this method, but I find it very helpful.

7. What do you do when you are not writing or reading?

Writing is a secondary occupation for me, and it will always be. Other than hanging out with friends, I have university studies to do, and I’m also a language enthusiast always on the journey to learn more (I speak English, German, Indonesian, and Japanese). This linguistic enthusiasm materialized in the novel, as I’ll be playing with a lot of subtle linguistic tricks transcending cultures and languages. It’s up to you to figure them out.

Now that I’m not busy with university, I have committed myself into doing an extra exercise every day and experimenting with healthy recipes for meals. Got to live to write, yes?

8. Being a debut author yourself, would you like to give a few tips to other aspiring authors?

Being a good writer is not enough to be a good author. To be an author, there are many other skills we need to master such as marketing, social skills, and business modelling (writing isn’t exactly the most profitable occupation in the world, especially if you’re a no-name). However, the most overlooked skill of all is emotional management.

You need to be able to endure rejection. Utilize criticism. Weather through external and internal obstacles. Let me be harsh: not everyone will be supportive of your writing career. In this world where conventional desk jobs are the norm, just mentioning the thought of wanting to write will bring sceptic eyes glaring at you. That’s alright. I’ve been there. Still there maybe. But if you really love your writing and want it to go beyond the next steps, then aim for the stars. Be the weird one. After all, being cool is about doing what nobody else would do, right?

9. What's next?

I planned twenty-five volumes of books in The Silent Assassin series, split into five acts. Yes, it’s an epic. Book One is a first step in a long haul that is The Silent Assassin universe, and right now I’m almost half-way in completing Book Two. Get excited!

10. Lastly, any special thoughts for the readers?

I want to give special thanks to those who have read the book, to those who have yet to read the book but gave me extended support, and all the online reviewers who have considered my book. I hope that The Silent Assassin will be something you enjoy reading, and the lessons hidden amid the tears and despair of its characters can be useful as food for thought. Cheers!


the-silentassassinAP's Profile Picture
Adrian P.
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm a writer/illustrator. My current project is my dark space opera novel series titled: 'The Silent Assassin'. I'm also working on a high-school drama novel: "MIRAI".

I switch between studying, writing, and drawing. I tend to draw at least once every week, so expect something new every now and then!

My drawing habit? Lowering saturation. (I like dim colours :9)

Thanks for visiting!


Do you like reading? Have a go at my novel! You can buy preview/buy it at:…



A Scene from Book 06

The following is a scene taken from the beginning of Book 06, but it also serves as an introduction to the theme of Book 08, which timeline runs in parallel with Book 06 and 07. Act II (Book 06-10) will be darker than the first act. Each main character's resolve to live and love will be tested to its absolute limits.

Check out my gallery for more information on the series!

Samilo Plushenko -- The Harbinger of Death

Act II will see the debut of Samilo Plushenko--the Harbinger of Death--one of Brotherhood's Four Admirals of Apocalypse. Even amongst Brotherhood populace, he is considered extreme and radical.

The overarching theme for Act II is "That's Just How Things Have Always Worked". The Crowned Confederacy has become a worse world to live in, and The Brotherhood's grand invasion looms over the horizon.

Rebellion, uprising, and revolution begins with Book 06: THE SONG OF A LITTLE GHOST--due for release June 15.


Check out my gallery to see more details on the series. Preview and purchase the books on…

Main Characters of The Silent Assassin series
I'm experimenting some slight variation to my usual drawing style. This one takes quite a while, so I don't think I'll be regularly incorporating it to more complicated drawings which involves complex poses and angles.

Clockwise from top-left:

Charlotte Payne
Audi Prabian
Jane Drake
Denis Khristoforovich lavrov
Bobbi Braun
Jonathan Mills
Nagisawa Chizuru
Horlix Aurellus-Leonard Tanuya


Check out my gallery to discover more about The Silent Assassin novel series!

The series is available on:…


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